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IP CommunicationsToll Free Phone Solutions for the Travel Industry.

According some recent research results personal and direct contact is still very appreciated among customers when booking a holiday, a hotel room, a flight or when hiring a car. On most of the booking sites however the contact number is hard to find and often it has a 900 prefix, and with this calling the service provider can be quite pricey.

Some businesses in the Travel/Leisure arena however consider their 0-800 or 00-800 Toll Free phone numbers as a supplement to their free online contact possibilities, such as the email and the corporate website. In case a website provides good information and can handle the incoming emails well, people will only want to call a company with some more difficult and specific questions or problems.

A 0-800 (International Toll Free Number, hereinafter ITFN) or 00-800 number (Universal International Freephone Number, hereinafter UIFN) refers to a service-minded and customer-oriented business, as it shows that the organisation is ready to invest into this extra service for their customers. In an increasingly competitive industry such as Travel/Leisure, you can make a difference and set yourself apart from the competition with freephone numbers, that are a trigger for customer retention and stimulate customer loyalty programmes, and in general contribute to your strategic objectives (cost reduction, up/cross sell, brand exposure).

Most travel organizations have to be available via an emergency number as well. Toll free phone services will not only serve your business well as contact numbers but are also designed for crises and calamities. Here a few you of our suggestions on how to implement freephone services in the Travel Industry:


Travel Agency/Booking website wants to improve customer proximity in specific geographical regions


Activate 0-800 / ITFN phone numbers in any country your business is targeting

Application: 0-800 / ITFN as contact number for consumers


Unforeseen crises and calamities can damage the image of a Travel Agency / Booking Website.


Handle crises or calamities adequately with 0-800 / ITFN Freephone Solutions

Application: 0-800 / ITFN as domestic emergency number


Travel agency/Booking website needs one single contact number for the companies’ international proposition.


Feature and advertise one single 00-800 / UIFN number, in specific for business travelers.

Application: 00-800 UIFN as global contact number


Travel agency/Booking website needs one single emergency number with worldwide accessibility


Activate one single 00-800 / UIFN worldwide emergency number in 50+ countries all over the world.

Application: 00-800 / UIFN as worldwide emergency number

With no substantial costs for your business, you can improve your CS with Teleforwarding’s Toll Free Services. To estimate your Total Cost of Ownership, get your quote online or contact us today. And don’t forget – the return of your customers is the ROI!

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